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We are unashamedly pro-aquaculture.

Salmon farm diver

The population of this planet is going to hit seven billion people in our lifetime and farming fish is a brilliant technological innovation which will help feed them all.

Are there problems with farming fish? Yes. There are problems and concerns with everything human beings do.

But the biggest problem is how poorly and negatively aquaculture has been portrayed in the mass media, particularly salmon farming, which we will likely focus on the most in the topics and information we post here. We believe this negative portrayal is unfair and unwarranted.

We hope this little corner of the blogosphere will help change that, even a little bit, by bringing to light the vast amount of good science which supports aquaculture as a sustainable, good idea.

Our mission.

This site is dedicated to the science behind salmon farming. We believe the body of science shows that ocean salmon farms can provide a lot of food for people with a minimal environmental impact, while at the same time reducing fishing pressure on wild stocks which are on the brink of becoming overfished.

However, it has been our experience that the bulk of science which supports farmed salmon as a good idea and a healthy product is largely ignored, in favour of a small number of studies and research which casts salmon farming in a negative light.

We hope that by looking at all the science, it will help people put the issue in perspective.

We hope you find our posts interesting, entertaining, educational and informative.

Who we are.

We are people who work in aquaculture, and who also do not. We are interested in science, particularly the science of salmon farming, and want to share our passion with others.

We choose to remain anonymous because we do not wish to open our personal lives up to attack, and a small group of anti-salmon farming activists have shown they are willing to use nasty and personal attacks to try and shame and intimidate people who support salmon farming.

As well, we choose to remain anonymous because we want this blog to be about science, not a debate over anyone’s credentials.

We receive no funding from the salmon farming industry.

Where to look and post.

We are constantly working to collect and post scientific papers and studies about salmon aquaculture. Please visit our library.

We are also open to discussion about science and our posts here. Please leave general comments on the Discussion page. Please leave topic-specific comments on the relevant post. And please make sure you read the comment moderation policy before posting.

Thank you for visiting! Direct any questions, story ideas or submissions for our library to salmonfarmscience {AT} gmail.com

Also, please follow us on Twitter @fishfarmscience


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