Activist Alexandra Morton lies on national TV

CBS’ famous 60 Minutes program recently aired several segments about salmon farming, and they were actually pretty fair.

The show was a generally fair representation of salmon farming in BC. I especially liked how the segment showing the seafloor beneath a fallowed salmon farm showed the seafloor was crawling with prawns.

My only two concerns were:

  1. Letting Alexandra Morton get away with a bald-faced lie when she talks about the ISA virus and says, “There’s nobody actually looking at the wild fish carefully.”

This is COMPLETELY false and it’s a shame 60 Minutes did not challenge her on this lie.

There were thousands of wild fish tested in Alaska, BC and Washington specifically for this virus in the past four years.

ISA surveillance fact sheet

Washington ISA test results

BC test results

Maybe she doesn’t think that thousands of properly-conducted scientific tests are “careful” compared to her method of sampling sick and dying spawned-out fish off riverbanks.

The problem with this is that as soon as Pacific salmon return to freshwater to spawn, they start to die. Their bodies rot around them. Their goal is to live long enough to reproduce.

Spawning fish will be infected with all sorts of things, many of which have similar symptoms. Their ravaged bodies will also be a very poor source of tissue for testing purposes.

As well, Morton’s statements about virus and “genetic markers” show her willful ignorance as she chooses to ignore how virus testing actually works, in favour of telling the story she wants to tell.

  1. Ending with a useless interview with a lawyer who refuses to say whether or not ISA is in BC.

I mean come on. A lawyer isn’t going to say anything definitive about a scientific question. This question should have been posed to a scientist, or several scientists, who could have provided a more responsible answer.

And they have — except 60 Minutes chose not to use it.


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  1. I see that Alexandra Morton takes more shots at the accusers of her flip-flop and lying on 60 Minutes on her Facebook page again. She is now abandoning her “science” for negative advertising campaigns down south. Surprisingly, she allowed her critics to post on her Facebook page. This must be a new Morton who now embraces transparency and openness….lol.

  2. So, when Ms Morton calls fish health professionals “liars” in court (Cohen Inquiry: “liar, liar, pants on fire”), her cult followers are fine with that. But when she embarrasses herself on national TV for failing to impress and lying, they jump to her defence when called out. Hilarious…Weekend passes must be easy to earn nowadays.

  3. Quote from Angela Koch: “Dr Kristy Miller was muzzled by Harper not the person making the film…and being muzzled and brought in by 2 HUGE bodyguards, what the heck do you expect she’s going to be allowed to say?”

    It is correct to say that the Privy Council prevented Dr. Miller from providing interviews about her ground breaking research. Even though the study was published for the public to see and Dr. Miller did provide testimony on it during the inquiry it could have been handled better. Given the political environment we are in federally I can see why people would be skeptical.

    The producers of the film, SalmonConfidential, had the opportunity to take the high road in this regard by including the necessary testimony from Dr. Miller. The mantra of the film is that the government and fish farmers are hiding information and are part of some grand conspiracy. Ok…so when you watch the film one should expect full disclosure to show how evil government and salmon farmers are – right? Wrong. Instead, the producers of the film chose to do exactly what they accuse the government of doing. The producers of the film decided to drop the ball and edit out information that provided necessary context to not only Dr. Miller’s ground breaking study but also her work with Creative Farmed Chinook. The film focuses on Dr. Miller’s comments in regards to the “smoking gun”, but negligently leavers out her clarifying comments the next day.

    You seem to indicate that Dr. Miller was not allowed to speak freely during the inquiry because of the presence of body guards yet she supposedly provides evidence that supports your viewpoint as well as Morton’s opinion. You seem to have contradicted yourself. If she wasn’t allowed to speak freely then how do you come to the conclusions you make regarding her testimony? Or do you selectively take what you want to hear from Dr. Miller and discard the rest – similar to the producers of the film?

  4. Quote Angela Koch: “And you say those fish at creative salmon farm might not have been dying of the diseases she found in their fish? Huh? That’s why they hired her in the first place, because all their fish were jaundiced and dying…notice how they didn’t hire Gary Marty with his home built easy bake oven testing equipment, because then we’re pretty sure the results would have been that those fish just died from a bunch of symptoms…like all the other 5,000 fish he tested just dying from symptoms ppffttt…yeah, real professional…but i guess if you don’t name the disease then you don’t have it…very convenient!”

    Well….actually Dr. Miller says it in her testimony, Angela. Dr. Miller’s comments during testimony clearly state that what she found could not be determined to be the cause of mortality in those fish. If you take issue with those comments you should ask Dr. Miller. If you look even more into this you will see that the just because the fish has jaundice doesn’t necessarily mean that it was caused by ISAv. After reading your comments on this I believe you are not very familiar with the work done or how the results are interpreted. You may want to see how the fish pathology work was done in conjunction with the actual testing done by Dr. Miller. Or you could just ask Dr. Miller herself and get the same answer as she provided in the inquiry testimony.

  5. I was wrong on my statement about Suzuki only taking a day. Here is the article I was trying to remember. It is quite interesting, and so far, I have yet to see or hear anyone dispute the facts of the article, only attack the writer and her motives, which seems like a sign of desperation in the face of the truth.

  6. One more thing. For those of you saying A. Morton is not wrong, remember, in that Salmon are Sacred movie, she predicted that the Fraser sockeye would be wiped out. What happened? Record return. Yep, nailed it.

  7. If Ms. Morton were knew what she was talking about, why has she kept having to change the argument? When she first started, it was Atlantics are establishing themselves in BC rivers. Wrong. Then, I believe it was sea lice. Wrong. Then it was farms are dead zones underneath. Wrong. Now she has switched to disease. If she is so right, why does she keep having to change tactics. And, I read that she is getting paid by that American foundation that is trying to increase the value of the Alaskan fishing catch. If i remember correctly, this same foundation is also pumping tons of cash into the Monterey Bay Seafood watch program ( which is a joke.C’mon, whales as allowable by-catch, 70000 salmon as allowable bycatch. Yeah, that’s environmentally sustainable), and the foundation that paid susuki to do a paper on fish farming, which he produced in a day( scientific). Farmed salmon provide 80% of the world’s salmon. Do think ending that will save salmon? I can’t see the logic. And to the person above that commented on Alaskan “wild” salmon. They are raised in tanks, fed the same feed, raised to the same size, then released into the ocean. It is called salmon ranching, and is horrible for the wild stocks genetically. (easy to look up). The American fishing industry is pumping tons of cash into the anti-fish farming campaign. Congratulations all you nay sayers. You are corporate propaganda pawns fighting to save the environment, by allowing industry to keep on raping it. So do you also want to save the wild buffalo by getting rid of cows and eating only wild buffalo? How long do you think they will last?

  8. Bang on Salmon Farm Science, it’s great to see Mortons Minions squirm when faced with the truth!

  9. If you’re using Gary Marty’s homemade machine that’s never been tested, nor verified, that would explain why you can’t find ISA and why 5 other labs could. That’s the testimony from the Cohen commission. Kibenge found it, Nylund found it in the same samples as Kibenge, and then when CFIA tested those same samples they found it too, but by then the samples were so degraded that they were classed as a weak negative. Instead of running more tests they just said the results were a negative. Then Kristy Miller found ISA from the Creative Salmon farm and Molly Kibenge had found ISA on 100% of the cultus lake salmon she tested. Those reports were shelved and when she wanted them released at Cohens ISA hearings, she was told she couldn’t talk about them, and bravely she went ahead and did so anyways…so you’re saying we don’t have ISA here is only because you have governments backing, as they don’t want ISA as it would stop trade.
    Even if we didn’t have ISA your farms are still filthy, you shoot thousands of innocent creatures that try and get at your fish and now this latest cruel inhumane burning off of drug resistant sea lice with hydrogen peroxide is disgusting. Your industry has brought in various European strain viruses into our BC waters, and yet you say those don’t harm wild fish..,.pfffttt….I really don’t know how you can sleep at night working for such a disgusting industry.

    1. Angela,

      You really need to read the Cohen Final Report especially Volume 2 (Decline Related Evidence and Findings). The experts (Kibenge, Miller, Nylund and Gagne) that provided testimony during the inquiry all stated that there is no conclusive evidence of ISAv are ISA here in BC as of the date of the ISA hearings. If you wish me to quote what they said in those chapters in Volume 2 I can, but I am sure you and your friends can find it. If you can find where these experts conclusively found ISA or ISAv here in BC please provide the quote on this site.

      As for Creative Chinook Salmon, Dr. Miller found what she believed was ISAv-like in those salmon, but the prevalence of that virus was the same in fish that were sick as it was in the healthy fish. Unlike what Ms Morton continuously fails to do, Dr. Miller employed the services of a fish pathologist to determine what was sick and what was healthy. It wasn’t just assumed that if a fish had what Dr. Miller found that it was the cause of mortality (this is what Alexandra Morton does). How can it be said that what Dr. Miller found actually caused mortality in those fish? Tell me please. Dr. Miller even states that it has not been determined if what she found actually causes disease. Its all in testimony. Actually, there is a great deal of testimony from Dr. Miller left out by Alexandra Morton in her latest propaganda film. Why is that, Angela? Why was Dr. Miller essentially muzzled by the film’s producer? Lastly, Dr. Miller’s retro respective work of preserved samples indicated that the ISAv-like virus she was finding was likely here for decades. It is entirely possible that a virus like ISAv has existed off our coast for a long time – before salmon farming even began in BC.

      As for Molly Kibenge’s work on Cultus Sockeye, you left out most of the testimony from the experts and comments by Justice Cohen that provide much needed context to this. If you insert this context in you will see that Molly’s work could not be replicated – even in her husband’s own lab using the same primers. In fact some of those samples that tested positive were negative and visa versa in subsequent testing. Molly’s work was not formally published because it didn’t meet the requirements of a good, defensiveable study. She was encouraged to go back and do the necessary work to get it published but she had already left the department.

      One thing you and your comrades are really forgetting is that if ISA were on BC fish farms there would likely be massive mortality – similar to what they had in Chile. Not just a few sick fish. Dr. Nylund even said during the inquiry that if ISA were present we would see it on the farms. ISA is a federally reportable disease by law so fish farms here are required to disclose this. Dr. Marty uses methods for testing that meet or exceed OIE guidelines (read his comments on this in BioNews from the Association of Professional Biologists of BC). It is not in the best interests of fish farmers here to have disease undetected and out of control. It should also be mentioned that DFO, the Pacific Salmon Foundation and BCSFA are joining together in a Fish Health Initiative to look at the microbes off our coast.

      1. Dr Kristy Miller was muzzled by Harper not the person making the film…and being muzzled and brought in by 2 HUGE bodyguards, what the heck do you expect she’s going to be allowed to say? Kudos to her for being as brave as she was…Even the lawyers were prepped on the questions they were allowed to ask her too…what a gong show…And you say those fish at creative salmon farm might not have been dying of the diseases she found in their fish? Huh? That’s why they hired her in the first place, because all their fish were jaundiced and dying…notice how they didn’t hire Gary Marty with his home built easy bake oven testing equipment, because then we’re pretty sure the results would have been that those fish just died from a bunch of symptoms…like all the other 5,000 fish he tested just dying from symptoms ppffttt…yeah, real professional…but i guess if you don’t name the disease then you don’t have it…very convenient!….even when the other scientists were questioned about Dr Martys home made contraption, not one of them including CFIA could figure out how it could possibly work…and yes that’s in the transcripts too, but I’m sure you already know that, or can easily look it up
        Kristy Miller said she found european strain ISA in her lab results and if you’d like me to quote those I can, but ohhh so much typing…so here’s a tidbit for you from Dr Nylund in Norway showing that we do indeed have ISA in BC!
        Cross by McDade on Dr Nylund
        Q-The original 48 fish that you got from the Simon Fraser University batch, you found a positive in fish 36, That’s correct, isn’t it?
        Dr Nylund: That’s correct, yeah
        Q-And I understand that Dr Kibenge also found a positive at fish 36
        Dr Nylund-yes
        Q-and my question to either of you, really, but I’ll address it to your first is what are the odds of finding a false positive in the very same fish out of a batch of 48 by 2 different labs?
        Dr Nylund-If I may answer that first, I would say the chances are very small, to tell the truth, but then again, the reason for finding this was that I repeated the real-time PCR on this sample several times, and so what I believe is when you look at Kibenge’s result from fish 26 and 36, he gets different Ct values on the different assays. The difference between those Ct values suggests that his findings are CORRECT, because you find exactly the difference you would expect with the two assays he’s been using. So, to be honest, I think that Kibenge’s results on this are CORRECT. Unfortunately the material I looked at were so degenerated and so destroyed that it was impossible to reproduce any results at all, but we got one POSITIVE. But I — since it’s only one we wouldn’t put too much into that, But I think that Kibenge’s results are RELIABLE yeah!
        Q-But , Dr. Nylund, is it fair to say that it would be absolutely incorrect to refer to your finding in fish 36 as a negative?
        So there you have it….BC does have ISA…just not according to the CFIA (even though they got a weak positive, they turned that into a complete negative) Also having ISAv does not mean we’d be seeing the disease…it’s when it goes virulent that we will see the damages, but surely you know that too…in the meantime, I still think your salmon farms are filthy and your hydrogen peroxide treatments are awful…I pulled a picture off of DFO’s website on a “treated” fish and the poor thing looks so burned and tortured, and reports are many die from the shock… moving these fish into land based tanks would make everyone, including wild salmon and your poor lice ridden farmed salmon so much healthier and happier…the way it is right now, it’s a disgusting industry.

      2. Thanks for posting the transcript. Here’s a link if people want to read it without your emphasis.

        You are misrepresenting what Nylund said here. He’s saying the test result was a positive, but he’s not saying that ISA is in BC.

        From the transcript quote you provided here, he said:

        Unfortunately the material I looked at were so degenerated and so destroyed that it was impossible to reproduce any results at all, but we got one positive. But I — since it’s only one we — positive and it was not possible to repeat, I wouldn’t put too much into that.

        You should also take a look at Cohen’s take on the science discussion:

        Dr. Frederick Kibenge, chair, Department of Pathology and Microbiology, Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island, told me that there was “overwhelming” evidence that there is an orthomyxovirus present, and that the reports of ISAv may be “ISA virus sequences or it may be ISA virus-like.”

        Dr. Miller expressed her “clear belief” that there is a virus present, which is “very similar to ISA virus in Europe” although she acknowledged that further work would be required to understand just how similar.
        She also told me that the ISAv or ISAv-like sequences are present in fish archives dating back to 1986 and hypothesized that they have been in Pacific waters longer than that.

        Dr. Are Nylund, professor, University of Bergen, told me that although there had been “a lot of indications” that ISAv could be present in Pacific salmon, he had not yet seen any “hard evidence” of its presence.

        Nellie Gagné, molecular biology scientist and laboratory supervisor, Gulf Fisheries Centre, DFO, expressed her view that there was not enough information available to conclude that ISAv or another orthomyxovirus was present. More work would be necessary to make such a determination.

    2. That’s an interesting narrative, but it’s not supported by the facts or the Cohen Commission transcripts. It’s mythmaking, not scientific evidence.

      Nobody “found ISA” because that’s not how virus testing works. It requires follow-up testing, according to the OIE Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals (which Dr. Fred Kibenge helped write).

      Those “findings” were shown to be false positives, which happens in science. Good scientists can admit when they are wrong, and follow the evidence. They don’t construct narratives and retcon history to make it so they are right.

      Also, how would ISA in BC stop trade? The East Coast of Canada is ISA positive, and they have no problem selling fish to the USA.

      You also don’t seem to understand hydrogen peroxide. It’s the same stuff you put on a cut to clean it. Is it inhumane to use it on your child’s owies? No, because it doesn’t hurt. But it does kill sea lice.

      1. And do you think that’s ok? seriously, I want to know what you guys think about that? would you let that happen here in BC(if it did), would you be comfortable with that scenario? would you worry about wild salmon and other ocean life? leaving the infected fish to grow and then sell? there is something very wrong with CFIA’s decision or go ahead to allow this….it’s craziness…would you guys stand up against the CFIA and say NO! or would you let them grow? just an honest sincere question-in my mind that is a very scary situation-would love to know your thoughts, thank you 🙂

    3. Thank you Angla Koch for exposing the information surrounding the ISA tests/Cohen commission that evidence that there are reasonable grounds for further testing for ISA and other risks that open net feedlot aquaculture pose towards wild salmon/marine life and human health. It is my opinion that this anonymous author and the CFIA lack credibility and good faith towards the precautionary principle that forms the ethical basis for good faith critical discourse and advocacy for decision making/policy in the public interest.

      1. The only thing Angela exposed is her inability to read what was in the Cohen Final Report in regards to ISA and ISAv in BC. The author of this blog correctly quoted the information from the final report in Volume 2. Secondly, nobody (well at least the me) is saying that there isn’t reasonable grounds for further testing for things like ISAv. What I will say is that there is no reasonable grounds for hysteria and misinformation given what we know already. As indicated already, the US and Canadian governments are conducted multi-year studies on this already in response to these allegations. To date, results have been negative for ISAv.

        Labs such as the one at the Pacific Biological Station (where Dr. Miller works) is being utilized for this work. In addition, salmon farmers in BC routinely sample dead fish from their operations for viruses like ISAv. After thousands of farmed fish sampled all results have been negative. It is in their best interests to do this because the impacts can be devastating to farmed Atlantic Salmon.

        Again, if ISA were out of control on BC fish farms you would see it. Anti-salmon farm critics have consistently maintained that ISAv has been brought here via egg imports from Norway. Ok…If this was the case and the virus got past safeguards in place (whether you agree with them or not) then one would expect we would see mortality similar to what was witnessed in Chile. However, this is not the case.

      2. I agree with you 100% that there are reasonable grounds for further testing for things like ISAv.

        Also, in connection with your comment, this is probably a good place to mention that BC salmon farmers have never imported eggs from Norway. I believe some of the earliest eggs came from Washington State, who was farming Atlantics in Puget Sound in the 1970s before anyone else was. And I believe that they got those eggs from New Brunswick.

    4. ooopppsss….I meant they CFIA classed it as a weak positive…and then they just turned it into a negative!

      1. Mary Russell-
        As to be expected, salmonfarm’science claims no salmon eggs from Norway have ever been imported into BC–an abject lie.( Did they snuff this up from DFO Ministers Gail Shea or Keith Ashfield?) The evidence is plain in the fish-farm data provided to Justice Bruce Cohen. This data showed the import papers and all that transpired, including eggs shipped from an uncertified facility in Iceland that proved to be harboring disease. Millions of Atlantic salmon eggs have come into BC, with Min. Gail Shea insisting disease cannot be transmitted via eggs, which is patently untrue, and the farms themselves realized this when an undisclosed disease emptied one of their farms here on the Island several years ago and no eggs have come in since. Alexandra’s science is sound, and accepted in the highest realm of scientific journals. She valiantly seeks only to keep our wild salmon coming home before it is too late, and the fish-farming industry with governments and agencies and ministries in collusion should be severely corrected..

      2. If you have evidence that BC EVER directly imported eggs from Norway, please share it and we will happily retract the earlier statement. But all the data shows eggs came from Iceland, Scotland, Ireland and Washington, never Norway.

    1. That’s fine, please let us know when she’s done some science that actually stands up to scrutiny from real virologists, toxicologists, veterinarians and genomics experts.

    2. Morton is not a scientist. Morton is a liar. She is an opportunistic liar that lives off of donations of others. She is therefore a mooching liar…the worst kind.

  10. Wild Pacific salmon and all that rely on them are far too important to jeopardize for the benefit of a few government-enabled multinational corporations with a documented history of impacting public health, wild ecosystems, cultures, communities and economies.

    Ocean-based salmon feedlots (aka Weapons of Mass Destruction) must be removed from wild Pacific salmon migration routes…

    1. Well written, Jim! They are just too important to mess around with – and that’s exactly what the government is doing! I stand behind EVERYTHING that Alex Morton says! She is so informed, it’s crazy! She has spent her life working for the safety of wild salmon stocks – she needs to be listened to and her advice needs to be acted upon!

  11. Salmonfarmscience…Why no response to the questions?

    If you don’t respond to questions regarding who you are it just confirms the suspicions…What a bullshit cowardly attack of a brave independent scientist.

    This site is a paid partisan hack site and the author is a liar.

      1. Providing an ad-click link to your “blog” doesn’t give an answer to the question of who you are, merely proof that you are a paid partisan hack. If what you say has any amount of validity you should be perfectly willing to identify yourself. The inability to do that leaves you rightly labelled not only a liar but a coward as well.

      2. Yeah, no thanks, I don’t need crazy people harassing me in my personal life. That’s why, since you obviously couldn’t be bothered to read the link I provided you. Also, do you not see the hypocrisy in calling me a liar, coward etc. for not using my name, yet you are “Anonymous?” Not that I care what your real name is, I’m perfectly capable of evaluating statements based on merit, not just based on who said them.

      3. Perhaps you don’t have answers to questions because you realize that you are only supporting the money grabbers who don’t care one speck for the health of our wild salmon stocks! Go away and stop defending the acts of those who would use our salmon for short-term gain! It can’t be allowed!!!!!

      4. You imply that I don’t care about the health of wild salmon stocks. That is false, I care very much, and so do most of the salmon farmers in BC. None of the people I know in the industry would stay working in it for one more second if their actions harmed wild salmon.

    1. Perhaps you should be reminded of the cartoon on Alex’s blog during the inquiry which depicted credible scientists as liars. I would call Morton’s actions bullshit cowardly attacks because she did not address them in a respectful manner and indicate who exactly was lying by name. Instead she resorted to slinging mud using her blog.

  12. i think Alexandra Morton is a modern heroine and has been doing the work to keep this issue fairly represented . Your slanderous comments make me question your motives and who is paying you? alex gets nothing from this. you? and who are you? who is paying you? she is david and goliath and you are the ugly giant. bully. slanderer!

      1. I meant to say, why would Alex want to tell a lie? There would be nothing to gain from that! She is a hero in all that she has done and continues to put up with from the government and others who have their heads stuck in the sand! (or money pit!)

      2. What does she have to gain? Maybe you should ask what she has to lose by admitting that after 20 years, she might have been wrong. People tell well-meaning lies all the time, and sometimes they can even convince themselves that what they are saying is true.

    1. She can only be either David or Goliath – not both I would think. That would be a bit much bulk

    2. “Alex gets nothing from this”?? Wrong. She gets money from American businessmen to attack any competition to wild salmon markets. Fact, and painful for you to hear, I understand.

  13. Why not call Justice Cohen a liar? Since 2000 DFO has either been standing down on doing the science or being refused by the fish farmers any real live fish. All Auditor General Reports on DFO since 2000 as well as Justice Cohen have found that DFO science is seriously lacking, no doubt because neither fish farm disease data nor live fish are available for government testing.

    “In the past, the public and non-government / non-industry scientists have not been given access to the raw data in the fish health database.” (p. 18. All references are from Vol3 Ch2 of Cohen Commission Report: )

    “DFO has not accounted for the need for fish samples for research” and “should require, as a condition of license, that the operator of a salmon farm provide… fish samples, including live fish or fresh silvers (recently deceased fish)… according to a protocol specified by DFO.” ( p. 19) “The privilege of being allowed to conduct a business that poses risk to wild stocks should carry a concomitant requirement to provide access to government scientists for research purposes beyond the scope of routine monitoring.” (p. 19)
    DFO researchers need to be able “to request and promptly receive fish samples from salmon farms.” “Non-government and non-industry researchers” need “to have access to the fish health database for the purposes of original analysis.” (p. 19)
    “DFO has not completed research into the effects of diseases and pathogens from salmon farms on wild Fraser River sockeye. Nor has DFO done any research into the cumulative effects on sockeye of having multiple salmon farms sited on their migration route. In sum, there are insufficient data (almost no data) to evaluate cause and effect relationships, and insufficient data to look for correlations between fish farm factors and measures of sockeye health such as productivity.“ Vol3 p. 24
    “DFO Science has done little or no research to assess the combined impact on sockeye salmon as they migrate past several different salmon farms along their migratory route.”69

    1. Yeah, that’s not true. DFO takes live fish from sites all the time. They can go to a site and order a diagnostic sample when they like. That’s been in the conditions of licence for years now.

      You also contradicted yourself in the first two paragraphs. You say fish health data was not available to government scientists, but the quote you use says otherwise.

  14. Poor testing equals an inaccurate report. The virus testing used is not a methodology that will produce accurate results. Perhaps before you publicly call someone a “liar” you had better hire some proper investigative journalists. You know the type of journalists that put their name on articles libelling innocent people.

    1. I’ll consider that, “Anonymous!” And why do you say “the virus testing used is not a methodology that will produce accurate results?” That’s untrue. The methods used to test for ISA virus by Canada and the USA are the same international standard. You’re repeating Morton’s mythical version of the complicated science discussion at the Cohen Commission.

  15. So if you are so sure of yourself that she lied and that you have all the facts to prove such then stand behind your words… put your name on the article…
    The fact that you write in the first person when you state, “My only two concernes were…” cause me to ask, and just who are you? So, put your name on the article if you intend anyone to think you above a basic hack and slanderer of persons. Im not saying Alex Morton didnt lie but Name Thyself or forever appear a coward. sincerely, Richard Griffith

  16. CFIA is using a test called “virus isolation” that has never worked anywhere on wild salmon. It requires so much virus that wild salmon infected at that level likely have been caught by the predators that follow them. If the CFIA wanted to know if ISA is in BC – they would have tested the farmed Atlantic salmon that are known carriers of the virus, they would have retested all the positive samples from the labs who are getting positive results and they would have used the same tests as these labs and figured out what these results mean. Instead they destroy and silence labs and carry on using a test that has never worked.

  17. Alexandra Morton has courageously revealed to the Canadian public deficiencies in CFIA ISA “virus isolation” testing and our government’s deficient policy/action towards protecting Canadian consumers and Canada’s wild salmon (keystone BC species) from environmental/health hazzards currently associated with corporate profit salmon feedlots. Why are you clearly taking a misleading personal attack on Ms. Morton rather than asking why the government refuses to adequately test the salmon from BC feedlots for the ISA virus that she has identified could pose an environmental threat to wild salmon and human health concern for Canadians? It is cowardly that you make such anonymous/ unsubstantiated attacks on Ms. Morton when she has raised valid/credible scientific revelations and concerns that the government has not addressed in the public interest.

  18. In 60 minutes, Alaska put Canada to shame as they chose to ban fish farms that use a fundamentally flawed technology – open-net feedlots. These feedlots require the aquaculture industry to use antibiotics and chemicals to protect their farmed fish from mutating viruses and parasites. Open-net feedlots are floating sewers that spew untreated feces into the ocean.

    Expansion of fish farms along the migration routes of wild salmon will only increase the risks all around. The Harper conservative government opened the door wide open for expansion of fish farms, ignoring the $26 million Cohen Commission’s warning that fish farms may cause serious or irreversible harm to wild salmon. Justice Cohen recommended that the “science” be done before any expansion. To demonstrate how serious this is, Justice Cohen reopened the inquiry to put a spot light on the impacts fish farms may have on wild salmon, bringing in scientists to testify. It is clear that Justin Cohen could not determine whether ISAv was in BC waters in his final report. Therefore, the lawyer in 60 minutes could not say whether ISAv was in BC waters as the science is not done. Instead of supporting and enabling the fish farm industry to expand, there should be a stoppage of fish farms altogether, taking the intelligent precautionary principle as in the case of the Alaska where the wild salmon are being properly protected.

    Alexandra Morton is telling the truth, otherwise the aquaculture industry, the provincial government and the federal government would have aggressively ganged up on her. Although the aquaculture industry using open-net feedlots are making efforts to mitigate the damage they are doing, it is not enough and the David Suzuki Foundation scientists are recommending that the only viable solution is to put fish farms in closed containment on land or in the waters, and they, as many other credible scientists, recommend that humans limit or eliminate consumption of farmed salmon raised in open-net feedlots due to contamination levels. For more information and background information, go to or Regarding the Harper government’s record on the implementation of the Cohen Commission recommendations, google WatershedWatch BC.

    1. Eddie, in that same 60 Minutes show, it exposed Alaska’s not-so-secretive aquaculture program that produces 3 times the number if farmed salmon than British Columbia. Did you nod off during that part? Contradictory little man aren’t you?

      1. Eddie believes that ranched salmon are wild. Maybe Eddie can find out how much of contribution ranched salmon make to the commercial catch. Any answers, Eddie?

  19. This headline is sensationalist and inaccurate. Shame on you for continuing to perpetuate misinformation for your own bottom-line gain, taking advantage of peoples’ lack of time/background in aquatic sciences, ecology and aquaculture. I worked for the Canadian Coast Guard in the described regions of the Broughton/northern BC coast, and did my prior training in environmental chemistry, with a focus in aquaculture and contaminants. The Salmon Farming industry in its current open net-pen iterations, and its shill cowards such as yourselves, are putrid entities that deserve strict regulation and punitive fines. Shame on you; BC’s finest natural resource is greatly threatened by your pathology.

  20. The good folks out here in consumer-land are used to being lied to about the food they eat and are likewise used to discerning who the liars are by discerning who benefits from that “misinformation.”

    And it ain’t Alexandra Morton.

    The salmon farm industry has relied on CFiA’s flawed/inconclusive testing methods to obscure whether or not wild Pacific salmon are infected with the ISA virus. If those results were valid, CFIA and the salmon farm industry could have silenced Morton long ago by doing the testing she outlines below. That has not happened and so….

    “The reason I stated on 60 Minutes that nobody is actually looking at wild salmon carefully for ISA virus (except me) is because the CFIA is using a test called “virus isolation” that has never worked anywhere on wild salmon. It requires so much virus that wild salmon infected at that level likely have been caught by the predators that follow them. If the CFIA wanted to know if ISA is in BC – they would have tested the farmed Atlantic salmon that are known carriers of the virus, they would have retested all the positive samples from the labs who are getting positive results and they would have used the same tests as these labs and figured out what these results mean. Instead they destroy and silence labs and carry on using a test that has never worked. When this virus goes deadly in BC, we will have all these people on record. It won’t help our coast, but it might help people somewhere else in protecting themselves from this industry.” (Morton)

    The industry’s refusal to silence Morton with real science leads more and more reasonable folks conclude the beneficiaries are the liars.

    1. So Walter , Do you think any industry is capable of silencing anyone ever with science? Please explain what you mean by ” silence Morton with real science” I am aware of an awful lot of science out there that can change open minds but never have i heard of real science affecting the willfully blind. Perhaps you know different.

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