Intensively-farmed fjord shows little evidence of impact from salmon farms

The Hardangerfjord in Norway is one of the most intensively farmed fjords in the world.

In one year, farms in this fjord alone produce 70,000 metric tonnes of salmon, as much as all the salmon farms in BC produce in a year.

Salmon farm sites in Hardangerfjord
Salmon farm sites in Hardangerfjord

Its natural beauty also makes it one of Norway’s premiere tourism destinations.

Professional protester Don Staniford targeted farms in the fjord two years ago, with the help of the “Green Warriors” activist group. They claimed the farms are harming the fjord’s environment.

But are the farms really having negative impacts?

A study recently published in Marine Biology Research says no.

“The good ecological conditions of the parameters studied in the fjord show little evidence of a regional impact from the fish farming industry despite the intensive production level,” the authors conclude.

The full study is available online through open access.

We have also hosted a copy here..


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