Alexandra Morton rewrites her own history

It seems Alexandra Morton, embarrassed by a particularly stupid comment she made back in February, has deleted the post from her blog and is now pretending she never said it.


Morton is technically correct. The words “in quotes” were not hers. What she actually said was:

… While the governments of British Columbia and Canada turn a blind-eye, I believe the Norwegian salmon feedlots operating in BC are perpetrating one of the greatest threats known to the living world. Turning feedlot viruses from the Atlantic Ocean loose into the Pacific is damage that might not ever be repaired.

She may try and deny she ever said this, but even though she has deleted the original post from her blog, (which was found at the following URL: ), the link still shows up in a Google search (see the eighth result).

This is what it looks like in the Google search results:

Morton_google_search_resultIs Morton trying to rewrite her own history now, and pretend she never said this? Her behaviour smacks of dishonesty and an inability to admit when she makes a mistake.

Which is nothing new, we’ve seen her do this when she makes rather large scientific boo-boos, like calling henneguya kudoa and never admitting she was wrong.

Why did she delete the blog post?

UPDATE: 4:06 p.m. 10/04/2013

A sharp-eyed reader found that Morton’s original blog post was reposted by the Gorilla Radio blog, and is still available online in its entirety. Read it for yourself. We have also now archived a PDF copy for posterity.


3 thoughts on “Alexandra Morton rewrites her own history”

  1. She really is a piece of work, and her credibility (did she have any at all?) drops by the day. Not good at science or biology – heck, apparently not even a good liar anymore!

  2. I just find it hilarious that Morton goes around accusing people of being untruthful, withholding information and generally conspiring to deceive, when she so frequently acts in the same manner.
    Her track record is terrible, yet she seems completely able to turn a blind eye to her own wrongdoings in favour of constantly making claims about others.

  3. I like the chicken farm story better than chicken little’s tales:-)!!!

    one extreme >>>>>>>>>>>>TRUTH <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<other extreme

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