We are anonymous to fend off the wack jobs

Regularly, people like to come here and trash talk us for maintaining an anonymous blog. They ignore all the facts we present here — which are complete with links to back up everything we say — and fixate on anonymity. We can’t believe you, they say, unless we get a name.

Right. Because people who speak freely and publicly never lie or make things up.

Anyway, there is a very good reason why we maintain this blog anonymously.

Simply put, it’s because the biggest loudmouths hysterically attacking salmon farms in B.C. are wack jobs.

We don’t need these creeps stalking us and our families, and putting us and our children in danger. Consider the words of Leanne Hodges, one of the wackiest wack jobs of them all in the anti-salmon farming camp.


Yes Leanne, blowing up a farm and killing all aboard with a rocket launcher would really show us the “Power of Love!”

This shows us these people are not interested in any constructive discussion to make things better. They are fueled by hate and irrational fear.

We’re not interested in giving these wack jobs any information which could jeopardize our safety, or the safety of our children.


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