A great post about the precautionary principle and what it means for salmon aquaculture.

Alaska salmon's Blog

In the sometimes heated discussion about salmon aquaculture – ocean ranching and salmon farming – quite often the “precautionary principle” is a term thrown about by those who question its sustainability. In other words, in the absence of absolute scientific certainty, they suggest the activity should cease.

The precautionary approach to fisheries management has been described as being cautious when scientific knowledge is uncertain, and not using the absence of adequate scientific information as a reason to postpone action or failure to take action to avoid serious harm to fish stocks or their ecosystem.”

By the middle of the 20th century, the commercial and sport fishery, and the management of it, was taking its toll on salmon populations in the North Pacific. Governments responded with a conservative approach such as limiting stock exploitation and rehabilitating and protecting vital salmon habitat. While scientific uncertainty remained, exploitation of salmon for sport and…

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