Boycott lazy reporting

Makes perfect sense

We had to weigh in on the “Salmon Feedlot Boycott” thing one more time.

It’s amusing how East Coast media has reported on this as if it were a Real Thing, not even bothering to check the claims and credentials of the people promoting it. So far, at least, West Coast media has their bullshit detectors fully charged and has recognized the usual suspects behind this one and given it a miss.

Still, there should be a boycott on lazy reporting. East Coast reporters could have detected the BS with 10 seconds of research.

On the bright side, no one gives a toot about consumer boycotts. People do not like being guilted by strangers at the grocery store. Try that around some people’s carts and you will be getting a sack of dolphin-unsafe tuna upside the head.

And boycotts don’t work. They help professional protestors get a bit of donation money because it looks like they’re doing something, and that’s about it.

Just ask the Sea Shepherd Society, which has been globally boycotting all Canadian seafood since 2005. How’s that working out? What’s that? Canadian seafood exports have been steadily INCREASING in volume and value? You don’t say.

And as the top photo points out… boycott farmed fish because you think they might kill wild fish, but not industrial fishing which definitely kills billions of wild fish every year? That’s just dumb.

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