A New Year’s resolution: think for yourself when it comes to salmon questions

The usual suspects behind the most irrational and emotional protests against salmon farms have set up yet another website to scare people into giving them money.

As usual, the information they provide is long on emotion and very short on facts.

Nor is there any accountability for the money they take, no explanation of where the money goes, how it is spent to “save salmon” (does launching another donation-grabbing website count? Do the salmon care?). Nor are any tax receipts issued for your donations.

Donor beware.

We are also puzzled by the claims of Anissa Reed, wide-eyed follower of Alexandra Morton, who has been promoting this site with press releases. She claims to have managed an Atlantic salmon farm many years ago.

We can find no evidence this claim is true but are still investigating.

As well, Reed is apparently oblivious to the fact that salmon farms have been steadily improving their farming practices during the last 20 years, and continue to do so.

But like Morton, she is stuck in the past, fighting an imaginary villain that never really existed.

We don’t have much to say about this new campaign except that Reed and others who hate salmon farms like to use the word “feedlot” like it is some kind of swear word.

We have addressed this before. Ocean salmon farms are more like free-range chicken farms than any kind of feedlot. Take a look at the facts.

Which brings us to our final point. In 2013, think for yourself when it comes to salmon. Research any and all claims. Seek out different opinions and make up your own mind.

And even if we disagree, let it be based on facts, not fear.


One thought on “A New Year’s resolution: think for yourself when it comes to salmon questions”

  1. “Anissa Reed, coordinator of SalmonFeedlotBoycott.com commented, “Many years ago I used to manage an Atlantic salmon ‘farm’ so I know the nature of the beast. Today they still use open nets, they are still crowded feedlots, and the fish waste and excess feed fall to the sea floor.” Self explanatory as to why she’s a “former manager”… if that is in fact true, because not much further along in the webpage…

    “This boycott is a platform for stories to be told on our social media pages” Their whole arguement is fabricated stories!! It drives me crazy how much media attention their fear-mongering rhetoric draws.

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