Mining expansion along Fraser River, but ‘wild salmon advocates’ silent about risks to sockeye salmon

North Bay Resources plans to mine gold and other precious metals along the Fraser River near Lytton. The project will cover four times more area than all salmon farms in B.C. put together.

It’s easy to tell who butters professional protesters’ bread.

Maybe if they received a targeted grant to protest this, we would have heard something about it.

North Bay Resources announced recently it plans to increase the size of its gold, platinum, iridium and palladium mine project along the Fraser River in Lytton by 65 per cent, bringing the project to 1,020 acres.

We’re not saying this is a good or a bad idea. Just that we find it disappointing that the usual environmental voices and so-called “wild salmon advocates” have nothing to say about this. This one project covers more than four square kilometres. In comparison, if you were to put every salmon farm in B.C. side by side, they would only take up one square kilometre.

Where are the protesters? Where are the First Nations concerned about the impacts to their sacred salmon?

Sure is odd no one cares about the obvious risks a mining project right along the Fraser River would pose to sockeye salmon, and that they choose to focus on the hypothetical risks salmon farms might pose instead.

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