Morton’s response

After our last two posts we figure it’s only fair to try and include some of Alexandra Morton’s side of the story here.

Problem is, she has never replied to our emails, she has blocked us from posting on her blog and she has never attempted to respond here.

(UPDATE: It appears we can post on her blog when we use our Twitter ID @fishfarmscience. We have just left a comment, let’s see how long it stays up.)

But she did sort of make a reply on Facebook, on the “Salmon Are Sacred” group. Here is what she said (with the replies of her followers included). Maybe our readers can decipher what she is talking about.

Anytime you want to talk science, Ms. Morton, or discuss the data you claim to have but never show anyone but the faithful, we’re here.

NB: Our blog posts got picked up by AquaticHealth.Net which is the link in the Facebook screenshot.

Morton response


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