Reads like an eco-terrorist manifesto

Wow. Not long after we posted our thoughts earlier today, musing if Alexandra Morton is crazy enough to bring ISA to BC to fulfill her own prophecies, she posts a blog that reads like an eco-terrorist manifesto.

“This is a fight – as in fighting for life.”

“Me versus the world” language. Perfect for setting yourself up as a messiah or prophet.

“I am racing an epidemic and government gave the viruses the head start.  If anyone wants to say I am wrong I have this to say:  Prove it.  Step up now and lay your reputation on the line and tell us ISA virus is not in British Columbia.”

Classic double-speak. She makes two assumptions which have no proof except her word, then before anyone notices that, she shifts the burden of proof to anyone who disagrees with her by challenging them to prove a negative! Plus, anyone who dares to “step up now” will be held up for ridicule, have their credentials questioned, and be accused of corruption and conspiracy, just like she has done to any scientists who dare to assert that there is no evidence of ISA in BC.

“Please consider supporting us before the ISA virus does what it has done in every other country that allowed Atlantic salmon farming… go viral.”

This reads like an ominous threat or a ransom demand, as if she is saying, “Fund me, or I’ll make damn sure we find ISA in BC and it’s going to go viral… as in wiping out your farms viral.”

Coupled with the thought that she might be bringing ISA to BC from the East Coast through fish samples, we have a worrying scenario. Especially since farmers in the past have found wild fish thrown into their pens, put there in an attempt to infect the farmed stock with disease.

Sorry, Ms. Morton, any respect we had for you because of your past contributions to science are now gone. You talk like a cult leader and an eco-terrorist.

Her goal since 1988 has been to get rid of salmon farms, whatever the cost. That’s always been the endgame. Science was a means to an end, a tool. Now that it’s no longer useful, she has resorted to her long-dormant messiah complex and fearmongering techniques, with a dash of eco-terrorism.

Bad form.


2 thoughts on “Reads like an eco-terrorist manifesto”

  1. Steve is right, these nutters really do believe that the end justifies the means. Right now, they are scrambling on Facebook to try and fit the land based pilot salmon farm into their crazy ideological minds, but they’re struggling because they just don’t believe in salmon farming, no matter how its done. They’ve said land based farms are the “answer”for 10 years now, and now that someone has called their bluff, they’re all arguing with themselves. Hilarious.

    They made up their minds to be against everything, and will stick to it and even do stupid, illegal things to “prove” it.

  2. Bad form indeed. It appears Cohen has been thrown under the bus by Alexandra who cannot wait for additional research in the Discovery area. Eco-terrorism? I wouldn’t put anything by some of these people these days. The end justifies the means.

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