Is Morton bringing ISA back to BC?

People like Morton know the easiest way to manipulate people is through fear of the unknown. But is she willing to make her own prophecies come true, and at what cost?

Is Alexandra Morton bringing the ISA virus back to BC in an egomaniacal attempt to make her own prophecies come true?

News has trickled back to us from the East Coast of Canada, where Alexandra Morton has been presenting a travelling storytime about the evils of salmon farming.

In a hodge-podge of half-truths, selective information and newspaper clippings, with a liberal dose of boogety-boogety boo, she tells a story of how the evil salmon farmers are covering up disease, want to kill wild salmon to increase their bottom line and are working hand-in-hand with a government that’s as corrupt as a banana republic.

It’s nothing we haven’t heard before, and anyone interested in examining her claims will quickly see that they fall apart like a house of cards once you start tugging. If any of our readers want us to do so, we’d be happy to in the comments section of the post. Feel free to read through her presentation and ask us any specific question about it you like.

But what we are most concerned about is suggestions we heard that she was driving around with samples of Atlantic salmon in her vehicle.

ISA virus is endemic in salmon on the East Coast of Canada. It’s as natural there as IHN is here. It’s in the wild, and rarely causes problems for the wild fish, but can be devastating to farmed fish.

East Coast farms already had to deal with ISA in their stocks this year. It would be easy for Morton to get infected samples, bring them back here to BC and do something with them that would vindicate her conspiracy theories and prophecies of viral destruction she has been making for the past several years.

From what we’ve seen, this wouldn’t surprise us at all. She has shown herself unwilling to admit she is wrong, or that any of her theories might be wrong. She wants so badly for ISA to be in BC so she can say she was right, and that evil salmon farms have brought on the apocalypse.

Socially Awkward Penguin and the self-fulfilling prophecy

Yes, this is a conspiracy theory. But it’s a lot more likely than the nonsense in her presentation. There are many scientists who gone on deluded quests because they could not shake their confirmation bias. Some of these quests have damaged lives and deluded thousands of people as these scientists refused to admit they were wrong, no matter the evidence proving them wrong.

Morton is no different. She really believes in what she says. But she is too full of herself to consider any alternatives to the stories she tells to make sense of her world.

And while they are entertaining stories with a scary hook that motivate people, they are based on half-truths and assumptions that don’t hold water, once tested.

But sadly, scientific facts can’t hold a candle to a good story. Hopefully people listening to her don’t check their brains at the door, and question every one of her claims.

Because every one of them is dubious.



14 thoughts on “Is Morton bringing ISA back to BC?”

  1. Why are people commenting here? This site appears to be set up to discredit Ms. Morton and any science or opinion brought forth that conflicts with Industrial farming of salmon and the bottom line. Most likely a Corporate PR hack or Harper Govt. spin.

  2. Future of the (Fish) FarmFuture of the (Fish) Farm
    I just read a very interesting article in “Saltscapes,”a magazine that is printed in Dartmouth, NS. It is highly critical of the damage the salmon open-pen farms are doing to the other fish , etc. in the areas in which they are located. The article is titled “The Future of the (Fish) Farm.” We should be very careful of these salmon and their diseases.

  3. There is a small bay just to the northeast of Gregory Island that was a favourite spot for my late father and I to jig for ling cod and red snapper, both of which are non migratory. Their numbers have dwindled and now they have completely disappeared since fish farms have occupied this bay. So it is with crabs and prawns as well. These are not the imaginings of ignorant people nor is my perception of arrogance an assumption, I have encountered it innumerable times over many decades.

    The health of salmon is not our only concern as you hopefully will glean from this reply.

    How is it that non migratory species such as the cod I’ve described have disappeared from this bay since the influx of salmon farms? Is it coincidence that prawns which do migrate but only very tiny distances, have also disappeared from this bay since the salmon farms moved in? And what about the crabs?

    This bay is now bereft of all sea life save for the salmon farmers and their salmon. This area is at the mouth of Kingcome inlet. At the head of the inlet, several miles from the fish farms, crab and prawn still abound.

    1. Dan, you’ve used words such as ‘bereft’ and ‘rife’. Impressive vocab! I swear of heard that exact same language used by someone else…hmmmm?

      I trust that if you’ve seen changes (I believe you’ve witnessed this) that you’ve called the company that is in the area, or contacted DFO? I do know that companies have joined with biologists and First Nations in the area to research potential impacts.

      I hope you’ve done this and that this blog comment isn’t the first time that you’ve voiced your concerns. That wouldn’t be fair to those you are blaming, would it Dan?

  4. Where do Fish Farms acquire their Stock? Or do they magically appear in those open net pens where they throw Tons of Pellet feed on them. Atlantic Salmon must come from somewhere, oh yeah the Atlantic.

  5. I am a first nations resident from a territory that is rife with evil fish farms. I am a member of the Musgamakw Tsawataineuk whose traditional territories include Kingcome Inlet and the Broughton Archipelago to name just two.

    We who have resided in this area for all of our lives need not be scientists to to realize that it is not coincidence that so many negative changes have taken place SINCE fish farms moved into this area. We LIVE in this area and observe changes that happen before our eyes and have done so for several decades in the case of my generation. You are least qualified to speak on this matter since you probably don’t even know where it is. There is no conspiracy here, Alexandra Morton is simply giving a scientific explanation for some of the negative impacts of fish farms, that WE WHO LIVE THERE and can observe the environment on a daily basis ( in my case, those observations cover the majority of my 59 years on this planet ) have observed, particularly since fish farms moved into our territory.

    It pains me greatly that arrogance such as yours abounds in the white man’s world. Come and live in our area for 50 years then tell me that nothing has changed either for good or worse. We are NOT IMAGINING these changes, we have witnessed them.

    Klakwagila ( Dan Dawson )

    1. With great respect to your culture, heritage and people, your assumptions that we are ignorant, arrogant white men are disappointing. Racism goes in all directions and we’re not interested in any of it.

      That said, Morton is wrong. Salmon stocks from Alaska to California all show the same long-term pattern of decline. Focusing on salmon farms in one part of the Pacific salmon’s range is myopic, ignoring common factors affecting fish on the entire eastern Pacific coast. Factors such as the increasing amount of salmon caught in fisheries. Factors such as climate and ocean change patterns which affect all fish.

      Salmon farms are a convenient scapegoat, since they’re new and not as established in our coastal culture as fisheries. It’s also clear that many people like yourself do not understand how salmon farms actually operate. Human beings tend to fear what they do not understand. We are no different.

      Thanks for visiting our blog, and hopefully you will look at some of the information we have posted here. If you look at nothing else, please look at this graph. It shows that salmon populations have fluctuated naturally. Salmon have declined since an all-time historic high in 2001, but their average numbers are still clearly still higher since salmon farms showed up than they were in the 1950s and 1960s, long before farms showed up.

      The thing with data, the thing that Morton knows very well, is that if you pick and choose you can make it say what you want. Of course of you cut the graph above to only look at 2000-2010 it looks like salmon farms can be linked to a decline in pink salmon. But in context, the big picture becomes clear and it is not possible to argue that salmon farms in the Broughton are decisively linked to any decline (or that there even is a decline) of pink salmon in the Broughton.

    2. Dan, you owe it to yourself and your territory to learn the facts. The Cohen report is out now. Please take the time to read it for yourself. Do not let Morton interpret it for you. It is clear what Cohen says about salmon farming and what he does not say about salmon farming. Many things are contributing factors. Morton is mearly using First Nations to further her own agenda. She comes to you with a flashy presentation….but that’s all it is. First Nations carry the political clout that she needs. Without it she is boat without a paddle or a motor. Support the recommendations from Cohen and lets try to find these answers collectively with some scientific justification. People such as yourself deserve much better from government officials and those environmentalists that protray themselves as saviours of wild salmon.

  6. You and Morton have outdone yourselves this time! She is preaching dilusions of greatness the end of the world and you are hyped conspiracy. She says you brought ISA here in the eggs and you say she brought it in her purse!!!The magic mushrooms must be good this year!

  7. Salmon farmers have had dead sockeye thrown into their net pens before – by activists attempting to spread ‘sockeye disease’ (aka IHN) to their farmed fish.

    You are right, these people are crazy enough to create the issue to prove out their beliefs. They are certifiable.

    You can bet that if ISA ever did show up in the future that these idiots brought it here, on purpose.

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