Morton myths versus facts at BCSFA

The BC Salmon Farmers Association has put together a fantastic document and posted it online this week.

It addresses what Ms. Alexandra Morton has said, and most importantly what she didn’t say, about some pretty contentious topics including:

  • Salmon Leukemia
  • Kristi Miller’s research
  • ISA research
  • Government roles in ISA research
  • Chinook farms in 2008

It’s well worth a read, whatever side of the fence you’re on, and all the science is cited in footnotes. Take a look.


8 thoughts on “Morton myths versus facts at BCSFA”

  1. Ok Dave here is an easy way to settle the he said she said. Select
    an independant biologist from say Manitoba who is not affiliated with any of the folks involved in this discussion. Not DFO, CFIA, MORTON, BCSFA or the province.

    You seem to have great faith in the WAHO, when the tests agree with your position and so does Morton. Give this independant biologist free access to your farm sites along what Morton calls the wild salmon migration route. They can collect then process and ship any samples to the WAHO lab in PEI & NORWAY Test these samples for all known pen diseases and tell the WAHO labs they are FREE TO PUBLISH ALL THE RESULTS of the disease testing on the samples from your fish.

    That would show good faith, beleif and true openess. Then the people of BC can make an independant/informed decision as to who is right and who is wrong!

    How About It???????????

  2. This site has yet to put up one piece of research done by BCSFA rebutting the work of Morton and I am not talking about some study by government agency with a vested interest!

    What is even more disturbingis the attitude that it is OK to harbour disease within the open net pens as long as it does not affect the fish in the pen and to hell with your neighbors. Not one piece of research by the BCSFA to refute Mortons claim of disease transmission into the surrounding environment of exotic viruses or waste disposal/accumulation. Some how the presance/affects of these sites just seems to magically disappear. No viruses released into the water and no waste accumulation around the pens. It goes somewhere!

    It’s all FM!

    You are consuming the public resources of our province FREE OF CHARGE! Time for YOU to anti up and you prove your case to the rest of us!


    1. If the actual research was done by the BCSFA you would likely accuse them of having a vested interest also. Morton latest work has not proved anything. You were very accurate in your description when you refered to Ms Morton’s work as “claims”…..As it stands now that’s all they are. There are viruses everywhere, but just because a fish gets a virus doesn’t necessarily mean that it will get disease. You talk about disease transmission, but can you explain if Ms Morton’s results with these farm fish from Superstore actually prove they had HSMI? if you were looking for HSMI where would you might start looking and what type of methods might you want to employ to investigate this? Once you find out you could inform Ms Morton because apparently she didn’t know either.

      You might interested to see what others had to say on the subject here:

      Unless you believe they all had vested interests also.

    2. We haven’t put up any research by the BCSFA other than this myths versus facts document, just peer-reviewed science or our own research, so on that point you are partially correct.

      However, the myths versus facts document rebuts her work quite well, perhaps you should read it.

      A question for you: since farmed salmon go into the ocean free of disease, where do you think the diseases come from?

      The answer is wild salmon.

      All wild salmon carry diseases. All wild animals carry diseases. All wild animals poop, too. It all goes somewhere.

      By your logic, commercial fishermen are also consuming the public resources of our province free of charge. They catch our wild salmon, and then sell them to us. Shouldn’t they just be giving them to us, since they are ours anyway?

      But Salmonfarmscience, you say, they pay licence fees. Well, so do salmon farms, who pay rent for their tenures, as well as small fortunes in taxes every year. The difference is, salmon farmers put their own fish in the ocean to grow, take them out and sell them, they are not taking a public resource and selling it to the public.

      By your logic, this is a far better scenario for everyone.

  3. The BCSFA as well as the Aquaculture Alliance are entitled to present their points of view.

    But what counts is not the wave of public relations but the sworn testimony by independent experts, not beholden to either side but by expert opinion to inform the decision maker.

    We will just have to await Justice Cohen’s conclusions and recommendations.

    But information is always welcome

    1. The outcome of the Cohen Commission is not the topic here.

      What is the topic is a list of things Ms. Morton has said, and a list of things she didn’t say, which prove her wrong or show she is twisting the truth. This is evident regardless of whatever the outcome of the Cohen Commission is.

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