More ISA false positives?

Our favourite activist has posted new results from a rotten Vedder River chum she collected for testing a while ago. Apparently the chum showed a very weak positive for ISA.

As we posted in a comment on her blog:

So what we have here is an interesting result which probably doesn’t mean anything.

Because what is being detected here is probably a passive virus, of which there are literally millions in every drop of sea water. If there is actually some sort of virus being detected here, it is probably something which has been in Pacific salmon for a hundred years or more.

As Dr. Are Nylund said last year, remarking on Ms. Morton’s first round of samples that prompted a frenzy over ISA:

“These findings may be a Pacific type of the virus or a totally new type… The test which was used is adapted to the Atlantic ISA viruses and constitutes only a small sequence of the genes of the ISA virus. This also means that a virus having genetic similarities with ISA-virus or something totally different may be picked up by the test.”

Or it’s another false positive.

Either way, the sky is not falling and there is not some grand conspiracy by government and those evil salmon feedlot farmers to kill all our precious wild salmon, as Ms. Morton seems to believe.

For those interested in reading the lab report, Ms. Morton kindly posted it for all to read.


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