No ISA in BC. Again.

Once again, follow-up testing of sketchy samples has shown that there is no ISA virus in BC.

And no fish are suffering from the Infectious Salmon Anemia virus either.

It’s not here. Salmon farms are not killing wild fish (and let’s not forget that if the disease and/or virus was here, it would be killing farmed salmon, not wild, which have been proven to have an immunity to the disease.)

Will this stop the conspiracy theories? No. There will always be zealots who believe crazy things, and the lack of evidence only strengthens their beliefs.

But judging how no one is paying attention to this latest cry of ‘wolf!’ from anti-salmon farming activists, it would seem people are less interested in prophecies of doom and more interested in good science.

We agree. Enough junk science. Time to realize salmon farms are here to stay, and if we work together we can make BC salmon farms the best and most progressive in the world.


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