The American salmon conspiracy

Why do Americans think they can tell Canada what to do about Canadian fish?

Because there’s a little fact they don’t want to admit.

Without Canadian salmon, sockeye and other species, the Alaskan and Washington fisheries would only be about half of what they are today.

American fishermen scoop about half of the fish bound for the Skeena and Nass rivers. Washington fishermen take up to half of the Fraser sockeye run, depending on the year.

Americans depend on our fish. And Canada gets almost nothing for it.

Fish don’t respect borders so there have always been issues of Canadian fish being caught by Americans and vice-versa.

But in the past few decades Canadian cross-border catches have drastically declined while American catches have increased.

And Americans have been unwilling on numerous occasions to work with Canada on cross-boundary salmon management issues.

Is it any wonder American politicians are quick to try and tell Canada what to do about Canadian salmon? They depend on it.

Its no wonder American politicians and fishermen tried to use the latest ISA claims to try and grab more control of Canadian salmon.

They’ve been doing it for 100 years.


3 thoughts on “The American salmon conspiracy”

  1. We admit we went into a bit of a rant today, but it was science-based! Take a look at the link for a long, comprehensive history of American interference in B.C. fisheries. Interesting stuff.

    We’ll get back to the science tomorrow… sometimes it just feels good to rant!

  2. Are the front-line workers for SOS, Watershed, Georgia strait, Raincoast etc being duped into doing the bidding of USA corporate interests at the behest of the likes of trust fund grand-babies such as Alex Morton? Are these naive enviro’s working for low pay being used?

    I think so.

    The USA is paying BCers to attack BCers at the expense of wild salmon and to the benefit of Alaska farm salmon.

    Save the wild, eat farm salmon.

  3. No surprise then that American born anti- fish farm activist Alex Morton and friends get their funding from American Foundations.

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