ISA link roundup

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the B.C. government and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have all made statements and posted press releases today about the Infectious Salmon Anemia issue. Here they are, with some highlights.

Joint statement by Fisheries and Oceans Canada Minister Keith Ashfield and B.C. Minister of Agriculture Don McRae

“Our government takes the health of our fisheries very seriously. We have taken appropriate and immediate action to follow up on the allegations of the presence of ISA in BC waters.  We can now confirm that, preliminary analysis, using proper and internationally recognized procedures, has found that none of the samples has tested positive for ISA. In recent years, over 5000 fresh, properly stored and processed salmon have been tested by the BC government and Fisheries and Oceans Canada and there has never been a confirmed case of ISA in British Columbia salmon. An active, science-based sampling program continues for both farmed and wild salmon.”
– Minister Ashfield

“Reckless allegations based on incomplete science can be devastating to these communities and unfair to the families that make a living from the sea.”
-Minister McRae

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

There have been no confirmed cases of infectious salmon anaemia in wild or farmed salmon in BC.

The CFIA press release includes a link to an exhaustive backgrounder on its National Aquatic Animal Health Program.

And most interesting, the joint statement includes a link to “Accepted Testing Methods” for ISA, posted by DFO.

Perhaps someone could forward that information to the “Salmon Are Sacred” rabble who are busy collecting half-rotten samples of salmon at random, which will inevitably be useless for any scientific diagnostics.

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