No ISA in B.C. says CFIA

Today the Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced there was no Infectious Salmon Anemia virus detected in samples of wild salmon from B.C.


Tests on 48 wild salmon samples have found no cases of infectious salmon anemia in B.C., a Canadian Food Inspection Agency official says.

Con Kiley, director of the agency’s national aquatic animal health program, said Tuesday the tests the Fisheries Department did were verified by an independent lab in Norway.

The samples were tested after a laboratory at the University of Prince Edward Island discovered what it suspected was the highly infectious salmon anemia in juvenile sockeye from Rivers Inlet on B.C.’s Central Coast.

Paul Kitching, the chief veterinary officer for B.C., said anyone who says the virus is present in the province based on the PEI results, which involve a small sample size, is misrepresenting the science.

“I can also say that as editor-in-chief of an international veterinary journal, this would be considered poor science and not likely publishable.”

Strong words from Kitching, and words which should be at top of mind in any further discussion of these results.

Activists need to shut up now and let real scientists work.


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