Time to seriously farm the oceans

We haven’t put anything up for a while, our apologies! Our goal is to get something new up every day but that isn’t always possible.

But today here is an interesting story from CBC’s Quirks and Quarks suggesting that we need to make a serious effort to farm the oceans like our Neolithic ancestors started farming valleys. The technological revolution allowed them to move from a transitory, day-to-day existence as hunter-gatherers to a settled and stationary life as farmers.

We are facing a similar turning point as our population increases.

 It’s going to take all the science and technology we can think of to keep us fed, especially considering there will be another billion of us in less than 15 years from now.

We completely agree.

Now is not the time to start rejecting technology and new ways of farming. Our population is growing. Rejecting technology and new forms of agriculture because we are scared of the possible risks may be decisions we make with good intentions, but it will mean people will starve to death.

But to some people in the environmental activism industry, that is apparently OK. There is a growing anti-human, pro-nature state of mind out there and it’s scary, callous and arrogant.

It is a new form of paternalism, Western arrogance and environmental imperialism for us to decide that it is better for people in developing countries to starve to death than to allow them access to new technologies in agriculture, on land and in the ocean, which would allow their nations to be healthy and flourish.

Some people find it OK to say no because of perceived risks and damn billions of people to starve rather than try and find better ways to manage those risks.

We don’t think that’s OK.

Civilization exists because of farming. For our civilization to continue to grow and flourish, farming our oceans is the next step. It’s something we must do.

That doesn’t mean the wild ocean has to make way for farming, not at all. That is a false dichotomy. Farms on land exist today and feed our populations and wild animals still flourish in the wilderness. Wild and farmed populations co-exist. The same is true in the ocean.

The same will be true for generations to come. Anti-aquaculture activists need to wake up and realize they are a small fringe, who run the risk of being perceived as anti-human with nothing but a negative, narcissistic message.

Farming is the future, on land and on sea.


3 thoughts on “Time to seriously farm the oceans”

  1. And Jacques Cousteau was all over this about 40 years ago – “we must plant the sea and herd its animals using the sea as farmers instead of hunters”.

    Yeah for Jacques!!

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