‘Blown out of proportion’

Dr. Fred Kibenge, whose lab in Prince Edward Island reportedly detected ISA in two sockeye smolt samples, says his findings have been ‘blown out of proportion.’

Said Kibenge, “people are calling me from all over the world — newspapers, TV, it’s ridiculous.”

“It’s nothing really to change the industry…It’s very unfortunate that people are spinning it this way. It’s really dangerous when you put it that way.”

Thank you Dr. Kibenge, and Seattle Weekly, for a reasonable and rational look at this issue.


3 thoughts on “‘Blown out of proportion’”

  1. How is it that in this post, you thank Dr. Kibenge for being reasonable, while in an earlier post you point out his affiliation with the WFC, making his motives sound suspicious? There is a level of consistency missing here. Maybe next time, don’t jump to conclusions, since it is one of the things that you say you are against on the site. Posts like that lean towards sensationalism, the same as the initial media stories. I want this site to remain credible and posts like ‘the plot thickens’ do not lend themselves to credibility.

    1. Good comments. And we still think it is suspicious Dr. Kibenge’s name is listed on a WFC press release. Isn’t that odd? But we are glad to see him finally speaking out. Until now it seems others have been using his work to spread their own anti-aquaculture message.

      That is a big problem with scientists. Many do not see the need or have the skills to speak publicly. When their work is controversial, there will be plenty of people willing to speak for them whether the scientists want them to or not.

      We still want an explanation of the WFC connection.

      Perhaps if Dr. Kibenge had spoken up on day one, instead of letting his work get blown out of proportion, we wouldn’t have the ridiculous headlines we are seeing worldwide four days later.

      1. It’s possible that his name was added without his consent. It’s not uncommon to find anti- activists adding names of people to lists, or misrepresenting their work. Think climate change denial, anti-vaccine, heck even HIV denial as the causative agent of AIDS.

        The contacts look like they could have simply added contact details for the scientists they named in the article.

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